Measurable Results That Grow Your Business

We pride ourselves on being a highly personalized digital agency that drive thoughtfully aimed marketing for your customers and your business.

The consumers of today have come to expect so much more than just a product or service, they want a genuine, trustworthy relationship with the brands from whom they purchase.

Customers are more and more skeptical, and diligent in educating themselves on a product or service, pre-purchase than ever before.

Our data driven approach establishes brand purpose which reveals itself in a relationship-based marketing strategy designed to reach your customer on a whole other level, turning them from customers into followers and lifelong advocates of your brand.

Facebook Ads that Convert

Our ads target the right customers to your business, producing higher quality leads & increased sales.

Why Facebook?

Facebook Advertising allows the targeting of niche audiences, by either creating segments or utilizing your existing customer data such as website traffic, mailing lists, app users, and so on.

Whatever your key objective or offering might be, we can suggest the best route to get your business noticed by your existing clients & new audiences alike, using effective, smart advertising.

Facebook has over 2 billion users who know what they want, leave it to us to find the customers who want you.

Ads that Result in Sales

All our Facebook ads are set with a simple, direct approach. We’ll use a variety of creatives to ensure your ads get noticed and engage your customers, to make your brand stand out.

We’ll tackle the ad content, posts and stories, to reach your community.

And, we base your campaigns success on measurable results.

What Set Us Apart?


We develop a unique approach by researching your industry, your product or offer, customer insights, and trending keywords. Utilizing this data to empower us to create custom ads that will drive the perfect customer to your business.

Conversion Tracking

We measure results. We will set up conversion tracking on your website to record actions taken by your consumers. Allowing you to measure your ROI.


Our campaigns include a variety of ads that resonate to all of your niche consumers. We’ll make use of both brand awareness and targeted campaigns to make certain our ads don’t go unnoticed, using both video and image-based ads


We manage and optimise your account weekly to make certain our ads are performing optimally.

About Us / Who we are

About Us. But Also YOU.

Tyler & Gabriel have been in the digital marketing world for over 2 decades combined, and our goal has always been to grow. Once we reached (and continued to surpass) our own goals in the space, we felt it was time to give back and support others in their business success.

So here we are, and that’s why this is also about YOU. It’s about taking your business to the next level, with a thoughtful strategy and precise execution.

We want you to experience the wins that come from partnering with a marketing company that understands the value of ad campaigns designed exclusively for your target audience. And let you see for yourself how we can help you to achieve rapid fire growth for your business.


Salius Marketing Inc. (North Palm Beach, FL) seeks Media Buying Strategist to plan and develop media buying strategies for clients across various channels, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Google Search. Participate in the development and implementation of online marketing strategy and scaling strategies. Assist clients in analyzing data on customer preferences, geo locations, and demographics, to achieve performance and growth targets. Conduct market research and analysis to identify new opportunities and trends in the advertising space. Measure the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns. Forecast and track marketing and sales trends. Build relationships with data buyers, negotiate deals, and ensure optimal rates for customer leads. Optimize performance of marketing campaigns. Deliver detailed reports to clients and internal stakeholders. Stay current with industry best practices and emerging technologies to maintain a competitive edge. May telecommute from any location in the U.S.

Requirements: 5 years of experience in media buying, to include experience developing marketing strategies and executing marketing campaigns utilizing digital advertising platforms and technologies such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Google, and experience analyzing data, making data-driven decisions, and optimizing media buying strategies. Email resumes to [email protected].

Let’s Take Your Business to the Next Level Together.

If you think we sound like the right fit for your brand, we’d love to hear from you.